Darren’s Insights on the Virginia Tech Incident

My friend and fellow pastor Darren Plummer, who was recently featured on this blog, wrote a great response to the shootings in Virginia Tech.  It’s very thought-provoking and takes a slant that you won’t find in the mainstream press.  I’d strongly encourage everyone to read his post by clicking here.

It’s a powerful reminder of how Christ’s love changes people, and of the disaster that happens when we don’t share that love.

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  1. I disagree with some of Darren’s comments. I feel it has nothing to do with the shooter finding religion. Most Koreans are Christians and the shooter himself is a Christian. I feel it was more society and prejudice that cause him to act so violently. We should figure out how to prevent this type of cowardly act from happening again.

  2. Ty, thanks for your comment. Interesting point that many South Koreans are Christians. It might be helpful to distinguish between a “Christian,” the meaning of which has been diluted, and a Christ-follower.

    Countless horrors have been committed by people claiming to be Christians, but someone who is a Christ-follower does just that: they follow Christ. That certainly doesn’t mean they’re perfect, but it does mean they sincerely strive to be like Jesus. Obviously, Jesus wouldn’t go on a shooting rampage.

    Darren was not saying that religion (being a “Christian” or going to church) would have prevented this, but that if some Christ-followers had shown His love to this young man, it might have successfully combated the prejudice and the anger that he suffered.

    Something you can bring to this discussion that I never could is firsthand experience of what it’s like to be the victim of prejudice as an Asian-American, and I can appreciate that.
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Indeed these are terrible times. We will see alot of people threatening to do the same. Unfortunately our media will report on these nuts ad nauseum. I dont think this act had anything to do with what is happening in our society, but a mentally ill individual who was undiagnosed. The symptoms of our terrible times lie elswhere and this incident will cause the focus not to be on it. This massive coverage of these types of events thwart their own purpose of preventing future incidents of this kind. As a parent of a mentally ill child I know only too much how much we dont know about it. I have to rely on my faith that God will get my son and us through it. What happened is sad from all perspectives and maybe if someone had opened up to this young man things might be different however we cant see God’s whole plan and how this plays into it. I thank God each day for my son and I love him very much. (also God) Well I am rambling so I will hush up.

  4. Thanks for “rambling,” John!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Nate… and VERY WELL SAID in your comments! 😉

    Be strong bro… when we take a stand, we also have to be willing to take shots, as well. I’m learning that BIG time. LOL!

    Peace, bro!

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