Day 2: Warwick Castle

Below is the second journal entry recording the events of the trip Carolyn and I took to England and France in July of 2006:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 London, England

This morning we had breakfast again with the opera people, who told us the very interesting story of how they met. There was also a newcomer, a girl from Holland.

Then we took the train to Warwick Castle, which began being built by William the Conqueror in 1068. We toured a medieval English castle! It was incredible, stunning… I can’t even describe it.

Warwick Castle Tower

This is the tower at Warwick Castle–a thousand close, spirally steps up and down.

We climbed the towers, went down into the dungeon, visited the great hall and state rooms, saw a ton (probably more, literally) of armor, even saw some really sick torture instruments, and some other really cool artifacts like Queen Elizabeth I’s seal, saddle, and handkerchief. The scenery was stunning, and from the towers you could see for miles all around.

oldest part of Warwick Castle

Here’s the oldest part of the castle, built by England’s first king, William the Conqueror, nearly a thousand years ago.

We watched an archery demonstration–the guy was really funny–and a catapult being launched (very cool!) and saw a “birds of prey” show with a trained vulture and bald eagle. There was an impressive peacock garden (complete with live peacocks and shrubbery shaped like peacocks). Some wax statues brought the history of the castle to life.

wax figures at Warwick Castle

These guys are actually wax figures. They look as real in person as they do in the photo.

They had the “death mask” of Oliver Cromwell and a wax statue of a 23-year-old Winston Churchill.

King William and I differed in our approach to the war with France. Here I am trying to explain to him the advantages of my plan.

We had a tremendous time, even though my allergies suddenly flared up bad and the heat just about killed us.

Tomorrow: Stratford-upon-Avon!

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