CrossWay On Purpose – Session 13

On Wednesday, 12 of us had a good discussion in Session 13 of CrossWay On Purpose. We started out by talking briefly about some Mennonite distinctives–that is, things that make us Mennonite as opposed to another denomination. We had an icebreaker, reviewed last week’s discussion, and got down to business.

Most of our time was spent talking about how we can prepare ourselves so we’ll be ready when we reach out to others. We considered a hypothetical situation: Suppose a hundred first-time guests showed up this Sunday–what would we do? How can we be prepared to welcome the new people we connect with, and help them to have a positive experience? The ideas flowed, and included the following:

  • We need to have a servant mentality and attitude. This means we need to be attentive to people’s needs, be flexible, and be ready and willing to help in any way we can.
  • We need to have our facilities ready. This would include having enough chairs to seat everyone in the sanctuary, having parking lot attendants to guide traffic, having clear signs in place to guide people where they need to go… and even (if not especially!) tending to details such as having an ample supply of toilet paper.
  • We need to have equipped greeters posted outside and inside at both doors. Greeters need to be friendly, greet people with a smile, and offer helpful information such as where the kids ministry is located.
  • We need to have worship bulletins that are attractive, easy to read, informative, and interesting. And we need to make sure we have plenty to go around!
  • We need ushers who are ready to set up extra chairs and provide for other practical needs that might arise.
  • We need to have space and workers for a nursery and for kids ministries.
  • We need to be organized so that we can work as a team, each person knowing and doing his or her part.
  • A nice touch would be to have gifts for all our guests. We could easily do something simple and economical yet nice, such as give away CrossWay mugs filled with candy, a pen, a flier, etc.
  • It would be helpful to have something like coloring/activity books for kids whose parents choose to keep them in the worship service.
  • We need a follow up plan. This could include things like a follow up letter with a self-addressed, stamped First Impressions card inviting our guests to offer feedback on their experience.
  • We need people to clean up the facility after everyone has cleared out.
  • We need to be flexible and expect the unexpected.

After this discussion, we tossed around some ideas for how we can reach people in practical ways. This conversation will be continued next week, our last Wednesday night session of CrossWay On Purpose, when we plan our first church wide outreach event. We closed with a time of prayer.

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