Side Note

That last pizza delivery that I wrote about in my last post was delivered to a friend of mine that worked with me.  We used to hang out and drink after work.  After that night nine years ago, I used to talk with him about Christ.  He was very resistant.  He would talk with me about it, but only so he could argue.  At one point he even told me that he didn’t need my “nickel and dime salvation.”

Somehow, we ended up working together at two other places over the next couple years.  We’d still talk about Jesus, but it always seemed to go the same way.  There was a glint of hope right before I moved to Tennessee, when he told me that he and his girlfriend had started reading Genesis together.

After I moved to Tennessee, I used to pray for this guy all the time.  When we moved to Maryland in 2004, I tried to look him up in the phone book but couldn’t find him, so I figured he’d moved or something.

On Good Friday in 2005, there was a community church event.  I ran into Rick there.  He was with his wife and newborn baby.  Turns out that he became a follower of Christ and has been plugged in to one of the local churches around here.

Is that cool or what?

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