Giving Up Sunday School for Lent

We had our monthly leadership meeting at CrossWay on Sunday. Two major decisions were made: to set aside Sunday School for the time being and to back up the time of our worship service to 10:30.

Our mission as a church is to make lifelong followers of Jesus Christ in our community and around the world. An important part of accomplishing this mission is creating a friendly and exciting environment for our worship services, both for children and adults, so that everyone has the best opportunity to have a personal encounter with God.

This is where Children’s Church is essential. When families with children visit CrossWay, it’s important for the adults to be able to worship without the distraction of having to keep their kids under control. It’s also important for the kids to learn about Jesus in a way they can understand and enjoy. Families will stay together in the sanctuary through the music and offerings, and after the children’s offering (“Nickels for Neighbors”) they’ll leave for Children’s Church.

Here’s where Sunday School created a problem: We simply don’t have enough children’s workers at this time to have both Sunday School and Children’s Church. It’s important for Children’s Church to be as high-quality as it can be, but some of our best kid people were already committed to Sunday School.

So we decided to give up Sunday School for Lent. (Our worship pastor, Josh, is nutty enough to make that astute observation.) We’re going to try it out for awhile and see how it goes.

With no Sunday School, we decided it would also be a good idea to have the worship service a little earlier. Potential guests might be more drawn to a service at a time that doesn’t run into lunch. This way I don’t have to preach any shorter… heheheh….

As a pastor, it’s times like this that I’m really proud of people for making hard and uncomfortable choices for the sake of the mission that God has called us to!

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