First Paintings

Here’s a picture of Carolyn’s first completed painting. She painted it based on a photograph we took last summer at Cataloochee, Tennessee. The painting is actually a lot brighter than this photo shows, but I don’t know how to capture a painting on camera. Anyway, here it is:

And in fairness to my deal with Carolyn, I guess I should also show my first painting. Well, at least part of it. It’s not finished, and the face is nowhere near finished, so I’m not showing the face. Make sure there’s no food or beverage in your mouth, and prepare to laugh heartily:

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  1. As one who is severely impaired in the artsy arena, I’m very impressed! Great Job, C and N!!

  2. Carolyn comes from a long line of artists. I come from a long line of, um, Democrats.

  3. Carolyn’s painting is wonderful, and by my artistic standards yours is good. Of course my standards are low and pathetic.

  4. Um…thanks?

  5. You didn’t mention that the photo that “we” took was actually taken by you! It is a very beautiful photo. You should post your photography. When I looked side-by-side at the two paintings, I noticed that your’s actually looks more refined and skilled even though it isn’t even finished yet!

  6. “Refined”? “Skilled”? You must have forgotten which one you painted.

  7. I think they’re both great but I’m starting to see an unhealthy football obsession. So, if I see Brett displayed on your walls, we’re going to need to have a talk.

  8. Don’t worry, I’m not sure if Brett will ever be completed. By the way, you should see the new one Carolyn is working on. It’s amazing!

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