Why We Won’t Do Fundraisers at Church

After church at CrossWay on Sunday two excellent things happened: First, we had a wonderful Mexican meal, taco-bar-style. It totally rocked. Second, we had a productive leadership meeting.

In the leadership meeting we agreed to adopt a policy regarding fundraisers. The decision: not to do them. There are five main reasons we reached this decision:

(1) People are so skeptical and cynical about churches today. Many believe that the church is just out for their money. Sure, they’re wrong, but that doesn’t matter. We live in a society where we’re guilty until proven innocent. Authenticity is so absolutely important, so we want to help people be confident that we are never after their money. When they’re driving down Route 50 and see something going on in front of the church, we don’t want them to wander if it’s a fundraiser or a free fair. We want them to know it’s our gift to them. We must be consistent in the message we send. So for the sake of being a consistent witness, we will not do fundraisers.

(2) There’s no biblical precedent for raising money outside the church. The church in Scripture is always the giver, not the receiver. In the Bible, the church is always funded by the people of God.
(3) We trust God. He’s our Source. He’ll provide for everything we need.

(4) Being givers instead of receivers is a great way to live out the gospel. And living out the gospel opens doors for verbalizing the gospel. It’s unlikely that a stranger will come up to a Christian and ask, “How can I be saved?” or “How can I begin a relationship with God?” or something like that. But a stranger that has just been blessed by a Christian will often ask, “Why’d you do that?” The answer to all these questions is the same: The grace of God. He has freely given us Jesus Christ. Freely we have received, freely we will give.

(5) Blessing people is fun!

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  1. Could you copy and paste that into the minutes I took?? Excellent summary!

    So…I guess Basket Bingo-for-a-new-van is out??


  2. Hahaha…nice one!

  3. And thanks again for taking minutes!

  4. Anytime!

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