11 Weeks

A friend of ours from the Training Station recently loaned us a book called Pregnancy Week By Week.  It’s really cool because the people that wrote it seemed to have thought of everything possible related to pregnancy.  There’s a chapter for each week of pregnancy, and in each chapter they explain what’s going on with the mom’s body and how the baby is developing.

One of the coolest things is that each week has an actual-size drawing of what the baby looks like at that stage.  When we first got the book last week and I opened it up to week 10 and saw the picture, I almost cried.  Yeah yeah, I know I’m a weenie, but it was such a shock–the baby is already bigger than an action figure and looks like a real person!  Very cool stuff.

Carolyn and the baby are now at 11 weeks.  The baby has fingernails now.  (As you probably know if you saw the movie Juno.)  The baby weighs about three-tenths of an ounce and is just under two inches long from head to butt (apparently that’s how babies are measured before they’re born).

Here’s what our baby looks like.  Isn’t s/he cute?:

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  1. Is it by Jane MacDougall? B/c if it is it’s the same one I have for you.

  2. Nope, it’s by Curtis & Schuler.

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