How Do We Know the Bible is True?

Yesterday at CrossWay was week #2 in the series TXT.  This week we explored the question: How do we know the Bible is true?

We broke this question down into three tests that are used by historians to test the reliability of ancient documents:

(1) The internal test.  This asks the question: Do the writers of the Bible claim that their writings are true?

This one is the easiest to answer.  Passages like 2 Peter 1:16 and John 19:35 give us a resounding yes.  The Bible passes the internal test.

(2) The external test.  This asks the question: What does the outside evidence say about the Bible?

We looked at other ancient writings, archaeology, and other sources and discovered that the Bible does indeed pass the external test.

(3) The bibliographic test.  This asks the question: How well were the original documents translated up to today?

Looking at various pieces of evidence such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, we found that the Bible passes the bibliographic test; in fact, much more so than any other ancient work.

Lastly we looked at how Christ’s mind-boggling fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy verifies their truth.

I’ll give you a warning that I gave everyone in church: If your heart is hardened to God and your mind is closed to receiving His truth, this message will do nothing to change your mind.  Even people in New Testament times who had plenty of firsthand evidence chose disbelief over faith.  Faith is a gift from God, and if we ask Him to show Himself to us and help us believe, He will.  Hopefully this message can at least persuade people to consider that maybe God really is who He says He is.

After all, the Bible really is true!

The podcast should be up soon.

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