Jesus Broke My Schedule

“How many loaves do you have?”

That’s what Jesus asked His disciples when they wanted to know how they were supposed to follow up on His suggestion that they feed 4,000 families.  (See Mark 8:1-10.)

Obviously they didn’t have enough food to feed what amounted to a small city.  They must have felt a little awkward as they looked at the huge crowd, did a quick inventory of their bread supply, and answered Jesus: “Seven.”  Seven loaves of bread (which, by the way, were much smaller than what we get at Panera Bread or Food Lion) were entirely insufficient to feed so many people.  At least, they were insufficient until they were placed in the hands of Jesus.

One of the struggles that’s been very stressful for me the past few months is time.  There never seems to be anywhere near enough of it!  Yesterday when I was reading this passage, it struck me that my time is like the disciples’ loaves.  I can hear Jesus asking, “How many hours do you have?”  In my control it will never be enough.  But if I turn it all over to Jesus, without trying to be sneaky and shove a few hours in my pocket, then it will be more than enough.  After all, the disciples started out with seven loaves, gave it all to Jesus, fed thousands of people, and still had seven basketfuls left over!

By the way, notice that after the disciples gave the bread to Jesus, He broke it and gave it back to them.  So I’m giving Him my schedule, letting Him break it, and receiving it back from Him to do His work.

What’s this look like in real time (literally)?  I prayerfully revamped my schedule.  I wrote down what I believe are God’s priorities for me and what He has called me to do.  Then I blocked off time for each one.  On paper, it’s still not nearly enough.  But it’s in His hands, and everything we place in His hands to be broken and blessed always proves to be more than enough.

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