Daddy’s Big Little Baby Girl

On Friday, we went out to eat and ordered something from the kids menu for Laura Marie for the first time.

On Saturday, she drank baby formula for the last time.

On Sunday, Carolyn turned around the car seats in both of our cars and Laura Marie went for her first car ride facing forward.

Today, Carolyn was at the store and Laura Marie pointed to another baby and said, “Baby.”  (Well, more like “ba-ba.”)

And all this just a couple weeks after turning one.  It’s all happening too fast!  Laura Marie, no more big milestones for a few days, please!

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  1. The one milestone I didn’t mind saying “goodbye” to was the formula one. Milk and juice is SO much easier and cheaper!

  2. Love that baby!!

    (PS: Congrats, Laura Marie, on the big-girl milestones!!)

  3. I know what you mean, it’s just that it means my baby girl is growing up!

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